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A unique platform of attractive investment opportunities in the Czech Republic

About CzechLink Start

The project CzechLink Start aims to increase the inflow of investments from foreign and domestic investors, strengthening capital market and improve information awareness about interesting investment opportunities in the Czech Republic. We have a unique experience with start-ups as well as with investors both local or global.

How we can help you

Are you an investor, corporate fund, private equity or business angel?
Are you seeking an interesting investment opportunity?
Would you like to explore what are attractive start-up companies in the heart of CEE region?
If your answer is yes, we are glad to help you.

What we can do for you

We connect you with promising start-ups in our portfolio and identify a golden fish.
We conduct a pre-selections process.
We find you a relevant investment opportunities and provide you company’s profile with matchmaking tool for your interest.
We give you an access to our unique database.

CzechLink Portfolio of Investment Targets

Why deal with us?

  • We have a knowledge of Czech market and experience with start-ups
  • We have a unique pool of companies with wide range of industries and stages
  • We do a sourcing of investments opportunities
  • Our information are selectiveness, verified and up-to date
  • We have global team
  • We are a reliable partner
  • We do not charge any fees

More information about the Czech Republic and services provided by CzechInvest available at

CzechLink Portfolio of Investment Targets

Have a look at the current company profiles

To whom we can help

  • Private equity funds
  • Institutional or corporate investors who has already invested in companies in EU region
  • Business Angels
  • The public sector (state funds, municipalitites)

The Investor can be asked for signing an Affirmation or non-disclosure agreement (NDA) befor will be notified of the information of the start-up.


Process Overview

How does the Czechlink Start process look like?

1. Contact us for detailed information and Strike a deal with us.

2. Tell us your preferences and we do a pre-selection process including financial overview of company for you

3. We allow you to see our portfolio database and provide you a structured profile of you interest.

Are you interested?

Would you like to know more news about Czech Start-up scene?

You can visit website

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About Us

Business and Investment Development Agency CzechInvest, is an agency of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Established in 1992, the agency contributes to attracting foreign investment and developing domestic companies through its services and development programmes. CzechInvest also promotes the Czech Republic abroad and acts as an intermediary between the EU and small and medium-sized enterprises in implementing structural funds in the Czech Republic.


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